About us

Introducing Lefkada Luxury, an established property management company specializing in the luxury sector, boasting over 20 years of family business expertise in hotels and travel. With a wealth of experience in hospitality, our goal at Lefkada Luxury is to emerge as the premier luxury villa provider and management agency in Lefkada and beyond.

Our carefully curated property portfolio already features some of the island’s most exquisite residences, meticulously selected to offer an authentic Greek luxury experience. In collaboration with Eled Group, a leading digital performance marketing agency in Greece, Lefkada Holiday Planner, specializing in holiday organization, and Computax S.A., the foremost tax consultant firm in Greece, we stand out as the sole company in Western Greece providing a comprehensive range of services, including property management, with a focus on marketing communications, VIP services, and accounting advice.

Each property in our portfolio is handpicked by our luxury specialists, following a rigorous evaluation process considering factors such as location, product value, interior design, amenities, and potential for future enhancements. Our mission is to deliver high-value services for both our clients and their guests, offering a 360-degree management service tailored for rapid business expansion and long-term client satisfaction.